How Do to Have Certain Item at Top of Drop Down?

Is it to have a dynamic list sorted alphabetically in a drop down with one particular item always on top?


Hey @justinds89 :slight_smile: Yes, you can do this by Searching for the first item, converting that to a list, and merging it with the entire list of items. For example, the dropdown could display 4 Categories:


If we want ‘Technology’ to always be at the top of the dropdown, we can search for that item first:

(and select, :first item, and :convert to list)

Then we can merge that first search, with another Search for Categories. In order to sort the results beneath Technology in ABC order, we can select ‘Name’ as the sort option, and descending: no. (Selecting descending: yes will sort the results from Z to A).

In preview mode, “Technology” is first, and the other 3 Categories are sorted in ABC order:

And that should work! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Also, you can used an additional field ‘sort’ with numbers, so you decided which one is first to the last, and sort by the field ‘sort’. For group of sorting, just add ‘sort2’ and sort second on ‘sort2’.


Thanks for the reply! That looks like exactly what I need to do. Still new so hopefully this won’t be too difficult to do, but I will give it a go.

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Worked perfect and great directions. Easy to understand.

Thanks so much! I would of never got that, but should help me out in the future also.

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Awesome! No problem at all, @justinds89! :slight_smile:


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