How do you actually hide things from certain users?

even though I set conditions based on the users role, I can still easily just inspect the page and turn the visibility back on.

these are the conditions I set which do hide things based on the user that’s logged in

but here you can see I can very easily unhide that button

Privacy Rules.

If you have a “secret link” for example that you don’t want ME to be able to find.

You can have that link in your Database, And set some condition to where a user can see it.

Otherwise, like you say, everything can be inspected if you look deep enough.

not sure I’m understanding what you mean by “You can have that link in your Database”?

What’s the standard practice for having a navigation menu that shows different options based on the users role?

Go to the layout tab and uncheck “Visible on page load” and check “Collapse when hidden” then just have the one conditional showing it when the user is Admin. Since it wasn’t visible on page load it won’t actually be there for them to inspect and make visible again.

Then an extra layer would be put the same condition on the workflow itself (Current user’s role is Admin) so even if it is visible (somehow) it can’t actually do anything if clicked.

oh ok that makes sense, ill give it a try.

perfect, does exactly what I needed! thank you!

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