How do you calculate a "Trending" formula

I would like to compute a simple “Trending” formula, like:
(# upvotes)/((# days since creation date)^(1/2))

How would you do this?
I have 2 issues:

  • getting # days since creation date
  • how to do the () and ^(1/2)

Thanks for the help!

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Hey @john11,

To get the number of days between two dates in Bubble, just subtract and then format as days. It will take a format like this (obviously your parameters will be different):


Parenthesis are supported in the Toolbox plugin. Go get that free plugin and do your calculations in the Expression element that comes with that plugin.

I don’t know about trending formula’s, but if that caret represents a power you can use Math.pow(x, y); within the Expression element and Bubble also supports powers when dealing with numbers:


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That worked perfectly! Thanks!

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