How do you charge a percentage transaction fee on Bubble?

Hey Bubble forum,

My company is building a prototype marketplace for our platform called Versa. How do we charge a transaction fee as a percentage? I didn’t find this section (below) from the documentation too insightful. We’re using Stripe, I’m not exactly sure what more information to include, please let me know!

App fee

You can charge a fee on transactions, but it must a currency amount and not a percentage.You can, however, compute the value in the field using the Composer.

Like it says, compute how much you want to set this fee to and then set it.

The note is simply saying that the app fee must be an absolute value. So, if you wanna charge 10% of something, you set this field to something * 0.1 (assuming that something represents a value in the currency you are working with).

Don’t get spun by this. Just test it.

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Thank you! Will do.