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Stripe App fee, how can I make it work?

How can I make sure the App fee is charged and Stripe pays it to me?

As you can see below, I have set up an App fee for payments made to Trans. payee. I have set up a seller account for Trans. payee and I see test payments being processed by Stripe for the seller, but Stripe pays the seller for all of the Amount while no App fee is paid to me.

Hi @a11,

Did you find an answer to your problem ? I have the same and have some issues to find a way to fill this field…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have found the most reliable way of entering an app fee is to have a pre-calculated % string (not integer/number) with no more than 2 decimal places. ie: 7.10
It seems like you may be trying to add a fee based on total $, when you really need to create a string for % value. So if you want to take 2% fee, just enter: “2” and it should work.

Edit: I realized you’re using the built-in Bubble Stripe integration, that may require different formatting. In my case with the Stripe.js+ plugin, it requests a % and only accepts %.

I am having this same issue. Did you ever figure out a solution?