How do you create an email dashboard

I’m building a CRM engine at the moment and would love to know if it’s possible to create a email dashboard: Displaying - Emails, Unread Emails, Send emails, archive emails. Like outlook but in its own area on the CRM to speed up business and reduce tabs.

Hi @18bond.isaac,

Depending on which email API you choose, I can definitely see that this would be possible with Postmark integrating their webhooks.

I’d suggest looking into Pathfix, they significantly reduce the time to set this up, and their support is amazing

Just had a look can’t seem to see if there is support for Outlook/Office emails, is there? Or support for emails with custom domains but I’m guessing that runs through Gmail.

Are you wanting these emails to be sent through a user’s inbox via Outlook and Gmail? You could also just send via Postmark under a custom domain. Are you collecting replies in this app? If so, you’d need to implement inbound parsing

I want it to work as an email application inside of the software: E.g. Send/Receive Emails, Flag, Archive, Junk, Spam, Etc.