Email Client inside Bubble (send and receive emails from any domain)

I would like to build a email client where the user can register and add his email addresses. Once that is done, he should be able to send and receive emails to/from his email addresses from inside the application.

Is that possible in bubble at all? If yes, what tools would I have to use?

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Yes, use an email API like Nylas Email API | Build engaging email capabilities

But what’s the use case?

CRM, Invoicing, etc. much easier email directly in-app for monitoring if the email was delivered, read, going back other email later since its tied to something in your database, etc.

@rafael10 Postmark also is good, they have an API so your end users can add their own domains so you don’t have to manage any of that. Will take some work no matter what though, what you’re asking is not an easy task.

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Ah, this is neat

Yep Postmark sends a webhook everytime an email is Delivered, Opened, Link Clicked, Bounced. Very nice for knowing if your customer is lying or not :crazy_face: