How do you create Autofill geographic address fields?

Exactly as the question really. I want to record geographic addresses by having a form that automatically populates the information as the User types. This functionality appears all over the web and from comments in this forum is, apparently, easy to create but I can’t work out how to do it nor find any information that tells me how. YouTube draws a blank and I can’t find anything in the Bubble Manual nor here. I’ve even tried ChatGPT but that tells me I have to install a PlugIn (Google Places Autocomplete) which seems quite expensive and might not be what I want. I’ve clearly missed something. If anyone can tell me where I might find information or tell me how to create this I’d be hugely grateful.

Kind regards

Create a input field.
Set it as Geographical address.
You can set the initial content as current users geographic location in order to pre populate it with his geo address

Done :+1:

Make sure you have setup maps API key for this to work in published apps.

Many thanks for this. I can’t believe it’s this simple and it turns out that I’ve got an issue with Google API keys which were working but which now aren’t and I hadn’t noticed. I guess once that’s fixed, I might stand a chance with this! Thanks again