How to use the Geographic Address field type?

I noticed that there’s a field type called ‘geographic address’ and I’m not sure how to use it. Basically, I want my user to be able to enter their address on the frontend in separate input boxes (Unit, Street address, City, Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip). Can I take advantage of this ‘geographic address’ type or should I simply store these as text fields.

Also, when I tried to set for e.g. ‘Street address’ of type ‘geographic address’, I get an issue stating “Your app needs its own Google Geocode API key to process addresses. Please add one in the settings tab”. What does this mean?

Any help is appreciated.



Hey @SeanB

The geographic address is mostly used to display locations (events for example) on a map element. You can also use it to set an address for a User.

Have a look at this manual to understand how to setup your Google location APIs.
It’s pretty easy to do. Don’t forget to activate billing in Google, although these API are free to use.

After you’ve done that, you can use the current geographic location to display the user’s location as identified by Google. You can also use the current geographic location:extract city to display the user’s current city for example.

Hope that helps


Thanks so much for the help. I’ll check this out.

Are the Google APIs required to support geographic address fields and maps still free to use (credit card info is requested by Google but won’t be used) or has this changed? Google lists a whole lot of fees associated with the various APIs that the Bubble docs instruct us to active.

hey @akalati

I actually misspoke in my previous post - Google gives a free tier of $200USD per month for you to make a certain number of requests without being charged. After that threshold is hit, your card will be charged.

Hope this helps

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