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How do you delete a record from a Thing?

I have created a Thing called ‘Notification’ which has a list of records with fields such as ‘Type’, ‘Subject’, ‘Body’, etc…

This is associated with ‘User’ by a field in User called ‘Notifications’ (list) of type ‘Notification’.

In a Repeating Group a have an delete icon which I have created the following events/action, this successfully deleted the assosciation to the Notification but does not delete the record from the ‘Notification’ Thing…

can someone please tell me how I can delete the record in Notification (Thing) when the user clicks on the delete icon?

It turns out that when you delete a Thing this does the trick, I assumed that this action would have deleted the entire table.



No it won’t delete the entire table, because, as I have started to understand, a Thing is just one little piece of data.


I have been labouring under the same misconception I think, which may not have helped !

Thing = record = document = row

Data Type = table = collection

Embed = Join … Although this is just a term I am using and doesn’t appear anywhere. Is there an official term for it ?