How do you hide scrollbars in a repeating group?

On Windows machines (fine on Mac) a scrolling RG has ugly scrollbars. I’ve managed to remove them previously in Bubble by setting the ID on a RG and then in the HTML of the page setting the style of that ID to be overflow hidden.

I’ve just tried it in a new project and it’s no longer working though :man_shrugging:

Any ideas on how to do it (hoping to avoid a plugin)?

Here is a few different ways to do it by adding css:

Thanks, and yes, this is how I’ve done it before with no issues for the past couple of years. Interestingly, I just looked back at a project where I’d done it this way before and it’s now showing the scrollbars again so I wonder if something in Bubble has changed.

Can you change the layout style to full list or ext. scrolling?

Unfortunately not, as in this case the RG is in a pane of a dashboard screen so needs to be fixed height and scrollable.