How do you host a game like this app?

Hello all, posted last night but I think it was overlooked. Can someone tell me how you can host a game like this app?

The way a host creates a game, then it requires a code to “join” the game.


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What part are you stuck at? What have you tried so far? Do you have a link to your editor, so we can see what you’ve tried?

hi Andrew,

I’m not even sure where to start with this one! Can you just give me some idea of some good searches or even example workflows where something like this has been accomplished?

I honestly don’t even know the technical name for generating a type of “hosted room” like this.


I’d start by trying to deconstruct this down into it’s simplest components. Some things to get you started:

  • I need the concept of a “room”
  • I need the concept of “players”
  • I need the concept of active players in each room
  • I need a way for a player to request to join a room
  • I need a place for the player to learn how to access the room

When you break it down into small, easily digestible parts, it becomes easier to think about. Try to describe what you are imagining in plain English (or whatever your native language :slight_smile: ) is first, that’s always something I recommend to people when starting out.

Thank you for the input!

Player - User that will be capable of information input during gameplay
Room - place where all users share similar information. Rooms are hosted by the host
Host - Player that controls the start game functions

The place where I’m getting stuck is allowing all Players to join together to share a similar screen, or share similar information (other players in the “room,” game start time, who the host is etc…) The app I linked in my first post had the capability of a “host” to share a code with other players so that they could share information amongst each other.

Any suggestions on how the original app I posted was able to use a code to allow “players” to join a similar room?

While my app doesn’t do anything right now, here is where I’m stuck -

Hey so I’m guessing your looking to build a game like quip lash??
This can definitely be done on bubble.

The graphics will probabaly be the hard part, but if you don’t care to much about that, building the database is (as stated above) just a matter of breaking into small pieces

Thanks and yeah you got it.

I’ll keep at it and see where I can get. I learned a little bit last night on a post talking about chat rooms.

Thanks for the help.


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