Populating username within the game room

Hi Bubble Community!

So I’m stuck at a certain point and not sure what is wrong. For some reason, I cannot pass the “username” field of my “user” type into the repeating group on “host and play” page.

Ive tried current cells user, current users username, nothing seems to work or populate. Can someone give me a hint on whats going on? Maybe not the answer because I need to learn this stuff!


Please share a little more information or your app editor because it can be do many things…

So I think I figured out the first part… I was passing info from User rather than a data type “player.” Now I am stuck with building the actual “game room.”

Can you let me know if I am on the right track when attempting to built a game room that multiple players will “meet” in before moving on to gameplay? I cannot get the repeating group to show all of the “players” that type in the game code…