How do you limit access to upload a picture until user votes 3 times?

Hey everyone,

My name is Matthew Edward and I am making a simple web app to help balding gents.

I would like to use the ‘hot or not’ style web app so bald men can upload their picture and other users can let them know whether or not it’s time to shave it all off.

The issue is making sure users will actually vote and help the others instead of just uploading a picture.

Is there a way to set a parameter that the user would have to vote 3 times BEFORE they can upload a picture?

I think this would be a good way to drive engagement.


In your Bubble database you could add in a field for the Users called “Number Of Times Voted” to check the number of times they have voted.
Update this value whenever they vote.

Before uploading check if the user has voted at least 3 times otherwise redirect them to a page stating they need to vote 3 times.

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Thank you!