How do you save an input and then display it on another page?

So I just started out, and I have a rough understanding of how this works. I am making what is essentially a simple website builder, where you enter some text and it displays it on another page. I was wondering how you could save a text input in a variable then display it in a text box on another page. Thank you!

Hi there, @cooltime529… your question is pretty vague, but in general, you have a couple of options for displaying text that is input on one page on another page. You can either save the text to a field on a thing in a data type, and then you can display the text by accessing the specific thing’s field or you can send the text (without saving it to a thing in a data type) via a URL parameter from one page to another, and you can display the text on the second page by retrieving it from the URL. So, it really depends on what you are ultimately trying to accomplish, but those are a couple of ways to go.

Hope this helps.


Thank you!

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