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'Send parameters to the page' other than type text?


Is there a way to send parameters to page other type than text?

I have a thing called ‘order’ which starts on one page and is finished on second page.
I send the input parameters form first page and pick up the data on second which is afterwards saved in thing ‘order’. The problem here is that these parameters are saved as text only and f.ex. if I have input date i can’t use it further in functions like +days etc. because it is saved in database as text.

Second option I see here is to create a new thing ‘order’ on the first page, send data to second page and modify it but in situation where user does not finish his order I don’t want to have half-done orders in my database created from previous page…

Instead of two pages have two groups on the same page.

Save it on the user.

Save it on a temporary thing.

@NigelG can you elaborate on temporary thing?

Create a table all the data you need on it, and pass the thing to page 2. Then use the fields to populate the “live” thing.

You can clear it all down once in a while.

Putting it all on one page will save you a lot of grief. And you will learn a more about groups etc

Yeah the same 2 groups on the same page makes the most sense now. Now I even don’t know why I created it on two pages to begin with :grin:
anyway thank you @NigelG