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How do you start projects? + What I will be building

Hi all, I just signed up to bubble, I intend to start working on an idea next month, and I wanted to get a sense of best practice in terms of starting projects. Do you mostly start as suggested by a graphic interface and then try to model the logic on paper or a design document, before you start programming, or is there a smarter way to build things?

About my project:
I have 0 coding experience, and I am looking to create a simple ed-tech platform for a niche I work in. The functionality I will be looking to build includes a personal dashboard, booking events, racking up score in a few axis on the basis of events attended, accessing and uploading documents/resources and maybe some social features like a forum or group activity stream type thing. Does it sound as messy to you as it sounds to me? Any advice is aprpeciated!



When it comes to the bubble platform, usually what I do the rough sketch on paper to dump all the stuff in my mind.
Then I create the UI (layout and all the elements) for the initial set of pages and then start configuring including workflows. In the end, I’ll start working on other settings, colors, element size etc.

Another thing I noticed is that, going through the lessons on the bubble web site and practicing the exercises makes it a lot easier and saves a lot of time when we actually work on our project or app.

Even I have 0 coding/programming experience. So you are at the right place :thumbsup:

Thanks ragzbiz, I just clicked the “Data” view and immediately felt like this will be the starting point for me. I love the ability to design the visuals that easily, but starting with the Data you need in mind takes a lot of the magic away for me. So I think that is what I will be doing.
I did a couple of tutorials replicating the parts I needed in my own app. It is amazing. The best return on investment of time I have ever experienced. I can’t describe how excited I am with this. I know right now that I can add significant value to my team with a bit of work, and I haven’t felt so empowered before.

Thanks for building this guys <3 keep it up