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Thank you, Bubble! - My customer journey mapping platform

I guess software is never “done”. But I think I am ready to share my first bubble app, Bagheera. (Yeah the homepage is not built with bubble but with Strikingly, which I regretted doing).

Bagheera is a CX-centered customer journey mapping software, I hope those of you who work in marketing or as UX designers may find it useful.

I’m mostly writing this to say: Thank you, Bubble and thank you Bubble community.

As a background, I’m a marketing strategist. In the past years, I’ve had many ideas for products, some of which I’ve turned into startups. But what I was really missing was a way to quickly develop prototypes without having to spend money on software development for what are ultimately just experiments, side projects.

Sometimes I did end up investing, to varying results.
Sometimes I tried some of the ridiculous “app builders” on the market.
Sometimes I hacked my way around a prototype in perhaps ingenious but absurdly complicated ways (WP+ a bunch of plugins+Podio+Zapier+Typeform and other combinations).

At one point, I tried to learn Python, and I soon realized coding was not for me: I am not a particularly detail-oriented person, and the number of mistakes made made debugging hell. And that was to print “hello world”, or little more than that. I seemed to get stuck on such low-level issues, what I really wanted was a way to play with way larger building blocks. To build the house with bricks instead of gravel.

Then Bubble came into my life, and finally made it possible for me to experiment, fail, iterate etc. on my time instead of on my money, and this while really enjoying in the process. It is finally possible to build relatively sophisticated software with no code, for real. F***ing awesome.

But if you’re here you know that already.

So here are some ideas:

  • Bubble has a huge, not fully exploited potential as a tool for people in my situation startuppers with no devs on team. Projects like the Code Free Startup are great, but Bubble itself could leverage this more in its communication.

  • Another thing Bubble could tap on is education. It’s a great way to learn how programming works, be it for kids, for academic interest or whatnot. I am sure if I tried to learn coding now I would be at a big advantage.
    The above values do not come across on your website, and I am sure some more marketing effort would bring huge rewards.

  • Implement a reusable element to ask for bug reports.

  • Implement a better (and cheaper) way to export pdf (I know I tried this already @emmanuel, just trying again ;-))

  • integrate a live chat api

  • Integrate with one of the mushrooming chatbot builders

  • There are many things that are not clear from the documentation, and they took me a while to learn. Stuff like conditional formatting, object states, privacy settings. It would be awesome to have tutorials on these topics

  • When I realized I was gonna have at least a dozen data types, I had to figure out how a database works. So I watched some youtube videos on relational databases, and I learned quite some stuff (see my point above about Bubble’s educational potential). It would be great to have a Bubble tutorial on how to structure complex data in Bubble (ex. when to create a “parent” column, when to use lists, etc.). I imagine programmers take this for granted, but for the rest of us there’s a lot of learning to do.

That’s all I can think of for now.

PS. Some parts of my app are still not working great, please message me for bugs/comments


This is fantastic to see, Kahan!

Some of my thoughts on your comments:

  1. Bubble indeed has a huge hole in the educational and communicational space - that’s why all feedback is helpful! Reach out to the Bubble team and let them know what you’re thinking.
  2. Absolutely. Like Emmanuel believes, people should be spending time understanding computer thinking not learning another young or troublesome complex language. Universities have reached out to Bubble to show of its tool and it’s working!
  3. Are you referring to providing Bubble with bug reports? The forum is already a great way to do this but you can shoot the team an email directly as well.
  4. I believe most Bubblers agree with this - some better PDF exportation would be greatly received and appreciated.
  5. You can rely on tools like Crisp to get this done. They provide you with a script snippet that you can throw into your HTML page header and have all conversations passed to your messaging administrator panel.
  6. This seems like an entirely separate category. Besides, you can opt for existing chatbot builders to get this done. (Messenger and Kik have a head start with this) It would be neat, however, to see how data can be passed from chat bots to Bubble.
  7. Completely agreed. The documentation could use some more information about certain features and better wording for others. As you mentioned earlier, there are courses like Build Your Startup to ease the learning curve for Bubble. Something to keep in mind is that the community letting the team know is likely the best driver to get things improved.
  8. Just like the above, there are courses that can help you with this! Perhaps a community-driven documentation is something we can all contribute to? That’d be quite interesting to consolidate.

Good stuff all around. Congrats on the launch and thanks for sharing.
You’re one of the reasons why the Bubble community is amazing!


This is awesome!!


Congrats on the launch! and thanks for the Code-Free Startup shoutout :slight_smile:

I agree that Bubble is secretly the world’s best tool for understanding foundational programming concepts. One of the biggest failure points in coding education is the focus on syntax first and programming concepts later. Most drop out after a few Codeacademy lessons because they can’t picture this language coming together to build anything more complex than a rock-papers-scissors function (actual Codeacademy course). Because Bubble strips away the complex terminology and turns model-view-controller into tabs (data, design, workflows) it teaches the core concepts in a way that any user of the internet understands. “oh, if I click that, then it sends that text to my account, and now I can display it here.” Programming in plain english is the future.

Related video that I’d highly recommend:


Thanks for your suggestions and for your help in getting it done @iamsalar!

As for n.3, I am actually referring to a system that helps you find bugs in your app, not on Bubble as a whole. It can easily be built, but it would be even easier if there was a custom repeatable element like an icon that, when clicked, opens a focus group where you can write the bug you found, attach a screenshot and send an email to the admin. Of course, it could be made even more sophisticated, with a bugs inbox in the app builder that points you directly to the problematic elements/workflows… but maybe that’s not a priority

Hahah yeah, I actually did try the Codeacademy course “programming 101”. It wasn’t bad but again, Bubble makes things so much clearer and intuitive, while building an actual something

Congrats on the launch, all the best with Bagheera!

Also want to kick in that Bubble has been amazing for a non-coder like myself. It has also made me curious to learn some code, I have learnt C# basics and built bots with Microsoft’s framework, which is awesome. But from learning some code I appreciate more now how quick and simple building web apps on Bubble is compared to other options

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Hey… I just saw your app… I loved it. I’m just starting to learn Bubble and after seeing what you were able to achieve, I am surely going to keep learning and develop my own app. Everything in your site is just bubble?


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Congrats on the launch @kahan.jonathan !

I too went through a similar journey (start trying to build with code, then did weebly + jotform + zapier + …) then found Bubble. Took me 3 weeks to learn, build and launch my app with ~80% of the features I wanted: Louie’s Club

Would like to +1 the following points you made:
Education: I read all the docs, watched all the videos, took the udemy course. Still had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own and get help from forums and take some coaching from @gf_wolfer . Not a bad thing but I can see a lot of people getting frustrated and giving up along the way. Specifically, more docs needed around custom states and advanced filters.

Live chat api: Yes! Ideally one that includes email notifications that you can respond to (inbound parsing). I will check out Crisp.

One more thing I would like to throw on:
Transactional emails - the sendgrid API has some issues: Sendgrid plugin specify from 'name' and reply-to email . I ended up creating my own plugin to discover that it’s a lot easier than I imagined. Would be good to have a tutorial on this (or a more general API post call tutorial).

Agree on the overall sentiment that Bubble is AWESOME!

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Thank you Julian!
For a lack of time I built the landing page with Strikingly. All the rest is Bubble