Files and Uploads Primer?

This is my first foray into working with files and uploads in Bubble, and while I’ve successfully uploaded several files and added them to an image list associated with a user, there’s behavior I don’t understand.

When I deleted one of the files via the File Manager, I fully expected it to disappear from the user’s image list as well. It didn’t, which makes me wonder what exactly I deleted. Were there 2 copies of the same file and I just deleted one of them; or was there one copy and I just deleted a reference to it?

I need to fully understand what’s going on “behind the scenes”, as my current project is image intensive, so I’ll be working with files a lot.

I’ve read the initial File Manager feature announcement as well as this informative post, but I’m looking for a good conceptual overview of uploading and managing files so that I can make headway on my project.

I think you have to clear any files linked to a field to fully delete them.

Yeah i just tested, i deleted a bunch of files included that image above and they are still have instances in my application, also if you check logs, your file storage will decrease.

Thanks for the reply, @anon65040322. Still not sure I understand though. I clicked “delete” and after a brief delay, the file disappeared from the File Manager list, which implies that the file was removed from the system.

However, you seem to be saying that there is one copy of the file and that it can be truly expunged from the system only when the last reference to it is removed. If that’s the case, that means that the File Manager UI is, at best, misleading if not downright confusing.

I’m still not sure what I actually deleted. What good is a “file manager” if it can’t be used to actually “manage” files?

I could use a good tutorial and conceptual overview of what’s going on behind the scenes when files are uploaded, added to a “thing”, and deleted.

it is removed from bubble’s aws account but not aws itself, deleting frees up your storage, hence why there isnt a mass delete option because it wont coerce users into updating. I think its a safety feature to not delete files that are being used in fields.

So a bit of sleuthing suggests that Bubble automatically generates thumbnails, since the image that’s part of the user’s list (and still in the database) is a scaled-down version of the original. I’m not sure how to indicate which “resolution variant” to display - like how would I have a thumbnail which, when clicked, displayed the full res version? I guess I have a lot of experimenting and learning to do. :neutral_face: