How does Bubble's pricing work?

I was wondering about the pricing for the apps here and what the plans encompass. I already paid for a monthly personal plan but is that only restricted to one app? I was under the impression that the $29 would be for the account and any project I created would also be under the personal plan. Do I have to pay for an upgraded plan every time I create an app that I want to deploy? And if so, is there a plan that allows me to create multiple apps that are deployable instead of having to pay each time?

All pricing/plans is per app.

Only apps on paid plans can be deployed to live (think of the free plan as really being a demo just for testing out Bubble to see if it’s suitable for your needs).

You can see the full pricing details of all plans, and pricing FAQ on their pricing page: Pricing | Bubble

Ok that clears things up. Thanks!