Question about deployment

Hello everyone,

Just found out about bubble and thought it’s amazing for a possible personal app I’d like to make, but then I noticed the message “deploying your app’s live version is only available on starter plan and above”. Does this mean I can’t have it running if I don’t pay?
I need an app with a couple of users, what can I do in that regard in the free plan?

Thanks in advance!

You need to pay to deploy it live. If it’s just a couple of users and they don’t mind, couldn’t you just get them to use the test version? The only downside is they’ll have /version-test/ in the URL.

Oh, and they still get to use all the functionalities? That’s great!
They wouldn’t mind that at all hahah
So what do I do? Just share the link I get when I click “Preview”?
(and yeah, real basic stuff over here, I’ve been playing around a bit with no code systems but everything bubble related is new to me)

Yes, but bare in mind you can only have 200 things in the database even on the test version

Also it would not be white labeled, 50k WU per month and 0.5 GB of file storage.
Check Pricing | Bubble and see full comparison between plans.

P.S. Bubbled used to have a possibility to deploy free apps to live. But stopped this practice a year ago, check this.

Oh damn, we’d have more than double that just to start, and we’re trying to find a no-paid solution for now.
Thanks for the info!