How does Downgrading affect any Background API workflows

I’m considering upgrading so that I can use Scheduled API Workflows (i.e. I want to use loops) but my wife wisely would like me to ask what happens if I downgrade, someday?

I’m sure the API workflows would stop working, but would they still exist but greyed-out? If I upgraded again later, would they come “back to life”…, or would they get deleted upon downgrading, or something like that?

Note: I’m currently using ListShifter plugin to do some loops, but I’d prefer to switch to bubble’s regular looping methods, now that I can pay for a paid program, but I want to know how big of a deal it would be to downgrade if I need to, someday. I know that I would totally have to re-institute the ListShifter code but I guess I’m wondering if Scheduled APIs hibernate well or not… =)