QUESTION Downgrading Plan from Personal to Hobby

Hi, all.

Does anyone know if I can downgrade my plan from Personal to Hobby for say 3 months and then upgrade again back to Personal without losing any functionality.

I understand I will temporarily lose any custom domain, and API functionality, BUT when I go back to the Personal Plan will everything still work as it did?

Thanks, in advance.


Yes, you can downgrade and re-up when ready. No real hoops needed to jump through.

Just watch out for any actions/links that reference your custom domains - otherwise, as you might expect, those will break. Good to make use of “website home URL”

Thanks Dan, appreciate your help.

Reaching out to @emmanuel to confirm prior to downgrading.

Thanks, in advance.


@richardconner downgrading will not impact your existing workflows or design. However, functionality associated with the Personal plan such as scheduled API workflows, custom domains and CSV import will only be available once you resubscribe.

Great, thanks Neerja. I’ll be back soon!