How does on set-up a bubble app on a subdomain?

I see how to add bubble to my domain within the settings, and can point the IP address to this with But, I don’t see a way to do this with sub-domains. Does anyone know how to solve this?


If you’re trying to have different pages within the same app on a subdomain, I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible.

What IS possible to to have a second app that is a subdomain of the first. You need to create the subdomain in your domain’s DNS settings, and then the process is exactly the same as setting up your first domain. You’d just link the second app to your subdomain, of course.

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Thanks Nate. I’ll give that a try.

I’m not sure whether this is the same or a separate issue, but what if I want to have a subdomain point to my bubble app (many pages) while the domains points to something else (a website builder)?

I entered my subdomain into bubble and it’s giving me all of the parameters to change on DNS, but it would be good to know whether this is actually feasible before messing up alla of my DNS records

Yes, that is feasible. If you point the DNS records for your subdomain to Bubble then your Bubble app will show up on your subdomain (and your domain itself can point somewhere else, such as a website builder).


Thank you @sridharan.s, I solved the issue!

Trying to setup bubble app so it is on a seperate subdomain ie users go to and see wordpress website, when they click on a menu item it takes them to with my bubble app. Have created a subdomain changed its a records to the ones in the bubble settings panel. Settings panel says Im all set to go with my subdomain but now when I click on preview , in live and development version im getting page not found 404. if I type in the subdomain i am getting an index of page (ie what was there before). Am I doing something wrong or has dns just not propagated yet? Using this method (assuming it will work) will I be able to link to the subdomain (bubble app) from the wordpress site and to the wordpress site from within the subdomain (bubble app ) with no problems?

Hmm, that’s odd. Could be the DNS not propogating yet or could be a problem with the way you’ve done it. I suspect it’s the latter based on your description, but I’m not really sure.

I recently hired this guy on upwork for $3/hr to help with me with DNS related items, and he immediately knew the solution and was able to walk me through all of it. Would have been worth 10x the price, so cannot recommend him enough. So, perhaps that’s the quickest/easiest solution for you.

Once you get it set-up, then you’ll be able to link between bubble and wordpress without issue.

Best of luck!

Guys, I have set a subdomain in my bubble app and it started failing everywhere. It’s possible to change from a www to a custom subdomain, but I have tons of errors.

Have anyone had issues setting this subdomain?