How to create a subdomain to run Bubble app on


Im trying to create something like this and would appreciate some help!

Basically I have 1 domain registered. I have a website running on that domain already.

Now I want to create a subdomain to run my bubble app on! Which is different from the normal domain.

My website url (example):
I want the url for my bubble app to be:

How is this done? I have my domain hosted on hostinger. Should I create a subdomain there or should I create the subdomain where exactly and how :slight_smile: much appreciated!



You will want to setup a new DNS record with whatever company manages your DNS (probably hostinger). Choose type ‘A Record’ and enter the IP address for Bubble’s public server. Then go to your app Settings -> Domain/Email tab and enter your new domain as [subdomain].[primarydomain].com (no https) and then check the SSL box under SSL encryption further down that page. Note: your plan has to support custom domains and SSL.


Will it work as I want it to be basically a whole new website. There is some options for me in the hostinger panel as:

5 different name servers I can change their address (default: etc.)

Also I can change some child name servers.

Which one do I pick?

If you have two separate apps (ie. one for your static/marketing site) and one for your app, so long as the domain itself points to Bubble, you can freely change the subdomains.

In your static app, for the domain, write For your actual application, write Bubble reconciles this for you.

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Hello has anyone taken this approach of connecting an external site or landing pages to their Bubble app ?

  1. This format " is not ideal of SEO I think (?). Is there anyway to create in this format
…page-3 and so on ?

  1. Any examples of anyone achieving this successfully ?
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I have researched and it seems adding landing pages as subfolders has significantly more SEO value than subdomains fas per moz and other credible sources.

So “” would do much better than”.

It is unclear how achieve this in bubble. Perhaps I will post a new thread.


I don’t use it, but it seems that you can achieve what you want with this plugin:


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" In your static app, for the domain, write For your actual application, write Bubble reconciles this for you."

How does Bubble reconcile this ? Can you please share details or instructions ? I am trying to add external landing pages to my Bubble App. Thanks Dan.


Did you figure out how to add a Bubble App to your already existing non-bubble app ? Could you please share how to achieve this ?