How does the searchbox work

Hi, first of all I’m sorry if this was already asked before, I’m new to the forum.

So I was wondering how does the searchbox (autocomplete dropdown) work. How and why would you use it?

I’m also having a hard time finding good tutorials (any subject), so if you know helpful ones it would be appreciated if you let me know !

Hey @dauphinais.alexandre,

Welcome to the forum and to Bubble! The autocomplete dropdown is an input field that returns items in your database in real-time as you type so that you can then select one of the items. This is useful for when you do know what the list of options could be and you just want to filter down or if you don’t know what your options are.

For example, say you’re searching a company’s list of 2,000 employees. Well, you’re looking for someone by their last name, so typing in Williams will then auto-complete the search for you with every person with the last name Williams only, allowing you to locate that specific person much easier. You could then create a workflow to take the user to John Williams’ profile page.

Or, you could be searching for blog posts by tags. You have no idea which posts contain which tags, but you’ve set up the auto-complete to be a list of all blog posts whose tags contain the input’s value, and the identifying field for the list can be the post title…so you’re on a food blog and you type in “sushi” and the autocomplete shows “10 Best Sushi Restaurants”, “Seafood Favorites”, etc.

Does this help at all? It really depends on your use case, but the autocomplete display is handy for when the user is typing in an input specifically to search for something because they’re getting instant feedback as to whether what they’re typing in is returning anything. It also helps identify the exact record in the database because every item in the list can then be used as part of a workflow (make a change to the selected User, go to the selected blog post page, etc.)

As for tutorials and guides, definitely make good use of this forum. A lot of people are around to help pretty quickly. You’ll also find that a handful of us (myself included) offer different forms of help like guides, courses, contract work, etc. Do a quick search on the forum because there are handful of posts with links to specific resources.

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I’m looking for the autocomplete dropdown element. I looked under “Input forms” but there is only a Dropdown element. Where can I find the autocomplete dropdown?

The element is called Search Box.