Is Autocomplete Possible in Bubble?


My queston is simple, Is there anyway, in Bubble to integrate Autocomplete? (As seen in the photo above)

Programically this could be accomplished with a datalist element.

<input list="browsers">

<datalist id="browsers">
  <option value="Internet Explorer" />
  <option value="Edge" />
  <option value="Chrome" />
  <option value="Firefox" />
  <option value="Safari" />
  <option value="Opera" />
  <option value="Slimjet" />
  <option value="Maxthon" />
  <option value="UC Browser" />
  <option value="Netscape Browser" />


<div>Internet Explorer</div>
<div>UC Browser</div>
<div>Netscape Browser</div>

Yes there is, you need to use a search element and make the source something in your database.

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I figured out how to get Static to work but not dynamic content.