How I can center elements on a landing page

Hello everyone,

I have an issue when I design my landing page. I have all of my elements centered on mobile version but I can’t do the same thing on the web version (it takes the whole space and my margins disappears) This is the link of the website if you wanna to take a look :

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello, can you see this post. Try this free plugin for vertical centre.

Hello @hye,
Thanks ! I am going to try it :slight_smile:
But is there no solution with Bubble directly ?

I think because there are many screen heights (dynamic) this will be your best option.
For horizontal centre you can use the responsive tab.

Ok thanks ! Could you send to me link to the plugin ?

Plugins on bubble don’t have deep linking, search ‘Toolit Kit’ and it will appear. :+1:

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Disable apply max width and put all of the elements inside a group. For that group you can use apply max width. Center that group to the center.

thanks everyone