How I Split Test between 2 Landing Pages a/b testing

  1. Created a Data type with 3 numbers.
    -First number tracks total visitors
    -2nd number tracks visitors to first landing page
    -3rd number tracks visitors to second landing page

  2. Create a blank page that i send all visitors to. It redirects users to one of the two landing pages
    -1st action: When Page is loaded-go to landing page 1 only when “searchfor xxx:first item’s First Number <-modulo-> 2 is 0”
    -2nd action: go to landing page 2 only when “searchfor xxx:first item’s First Number <-modulo-> 2 is > 0”
    -3rd action: add 1 to the first number on the data.

  3. Each landing page will update the number on the data point representing someone visited that page.

Only issue I’ve had is it doesn’t always redirect to the correct page. But the counter tracks it. Out of 45 it gave one page 24 and the other 21.

I couldn’t find any topics with this solved except to use a paid service so this is what i came up with and wanted to share! Please feel free to share any inputs on how to improve, etc. Thank you!

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I think itd be better if you used two groups on the same page with conditional visibility instead of actually using two separate pages. Redirection takes extra time, showing a group will be quicker.

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I agree 100% lol. Thanks for pointing that out