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How is data stored on/for users logged in via another Bubble app?

So I have setup an OAuth/login with social network login system for my group of apps (so people can use a single login to access multiple apps ie: app A app B app C logged in to from user OAuth on app Z). Does anyone know how data is stored on the user ‘thing’? Is data for ‘current user’ tied to the origin app (app Z) that OAuth is connected to or is ‘current user’ referring to the user account and user data on the remote application being logged in to (A B or C)? It seems like everything I do as a user is on the remote/OAuth-connected apps (A B C), but in documentation Bubble claims when you run user workflows it is running with privacy settings for Z.

Overall, it’s a bit confusing, and there isn’t much written about this feature. Any help is appreciated!

I noticed today that when I create a new user via OAuth, it makes an actual user in both apps. Curious then, how do I display info from the primary app (Z, the one OAuth is connected to) alongside user data from the A B C apps that are logged into on behalf of this OAuth user? There are different fields in each, carrying different info.

The user type chapter in the user manual covers this in general terms. Whether the authenticating service is Facebook or another bubble app, it is the same. If the user isn’t already logged in when he signs up with another service, a new user object is created (both apps are different database).

If you need to fetch some data from the authenticating app you should expose some API calls to fetch the data.

Ahhhh makes more sense now! Thank you for jumping in to explain :slight_smile: