How is this expression sequence translated in bubble

Condition 1 - Or - Condition 2 - AND - Condition 3.

How is this sequence translated in bubble on a “only when” condition on an event?

Is it translated as this:

(Condition 1 - Or - Condition 2) - AND - Condition 3.

Or as this:

Condition 1 - Or - (Condition 2 - AND - Condition 3.)

Left to right.

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What do u mean “Left to right”?

In the example above, is it translated as the 1st option or as the 2nd option?

Here’s my WAG:

Left to right is like option one in the example. Bubble does the truth evaluation one pair at a time, beginning with the first pair on the left. The Boolean result is then evaluated with the next condition on the right. That result is evaluated with the next condition to the right, etc.

If I’m correct, I hope I’ve made it clear. If I’m wrong, I hope everyone ignores this post. :confused:

So if i want the results to be like option 2, how would i write it?

This may be completely wrong - I’m still shaky in a lot of areas with bubble - but my thinking always goes toward multiple steps in a workflow, with custom states holding intermediate results.

So, in your case, I’d be thinking along these lines:

step 1: Set state MyAndResult
value: (Condition 2 - AND - Condition 3.)

Step 2: (where ever you need the ultimate Boolean result)
Condition 1 or MyAndResult

Exactly how this might look depends on what kind of workflow step needs the ultimate Boolean result.

One other thought. Simply do this:

Condition 2 - AND - Condition 3 - Or - Condition 1