How long does it take to remove username and password requirement from live?

Does anyone know how long it takes for Bubble to remove the username and password requirement from an app’s live site?

Last night I unchecked the option “Only apply in Development mode”, which had been checked for a few hours, but it’s been several hours now (over 8 hours) and anyone trying to access the live site is still being prompted for a username and password.

I normally have the option unchecked. Last night I was pushing new changes from development to live, so opted to apply the username and password requirement to the live site, to make sure production users couldn’t access the site during this “maintenance window”. Maybe not the best approach…

If anyone knows how this works and how long it takes to propagate, I’d love to know. Thanks!

It’s not enough to only check or uncheck the option, you also have to deploy to live for it to affect your live version

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Oh wow, you’re absolutely right. I must have missed that somewhere in the documentation. I pushed dev to live again, and it removed the password requirement. Thank you :pray:t4: