Deployed but cannot untick the "Limit access to this app with a username and password"

I have been through all the reference material and manual and connot seem to find clear instructions on deploying an app into production (client facing). I have tried using all three Application rights options and still cannot seem to be able to untick “Limit access to this app with a username and password”.

There’s a button in the top right of the editor called “Development.” Click that, and a dropdown menu will appear that has an option called “Deployment and Version Control.” That’s what you’re looking for.

Thanks @andrewgassen I have used that to deploy. Once deployed I would have thought I could make changes to the password requirement.

I think I may have worked out that as I have an Agency account, there is probably an additional step… I cannot seem to find that step :frowning:

Oh I see. I thought Agency plans were only for “development,” then it needed to be handed off to its own plan when pushed live. I may be wrong on that, I haven’t evaluated the agency plan in detail.

It would probably be best to contact support if this is the case.

For Agency handoff, the client needs to create a Bubble account and to use that account to switch payment to their credit card. Once they put in their own payment credentials and move to a proper plan (ie. off of the Agency plan and onto a Personal plan or higher), they will have the ability to remove the restriction.

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Thanks for that Dan

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