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How many days are left until Friday?

I want to display “There is X amount of days left until friday 11:00 AM”
How can I do it?

Do you already have a way to get the date for next Friday? If not then take a look at this post and swap Friday for Monday.

Once you have the date for next Friday you can subtract the current date from it. You could do this in a hidden group of content type date and then use the group’s value in your text field.

You may also want to check out the Relative Tome plugin, which you may find useful for the second part above. Disclosure: it is my plugin, but it is free and I only mention it in case it helps.

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Also you can extract day from date in Bubble and it will give you a number 1 through 7. Find which number represents Friday. Then if the current dates day is less than that number, subtract currents dates day from it and that’s the number of days. If it is greater than that number then it’s 7 minus the difference between Fridays number and the greater days number.

So if Friday = 5
And current day is Monday (1)
You have (5-1) 4 days til Friday

If current day is Sunday(7)
You have (7 - (7-5)) 5 days


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