Date/Time doing my head in

Here’s the scenario…

I have a tabbed table with each tab showing a day of the week (all 7) within each tab I need a date that I can reference to display data for that tab.
Each week (the entire Tabbed table) needs to display the date for the following week.
So if today is Tuesday the first tab needs to display next Mondays date in the first tab Tuesdays tab needs to display next Tuesdays tab and so on.
Each week from Sunday midnight needs to start over displaying the date for the next weeks date

I’ve searched and searched, found a few solutions but for one reason or another it just dosent perform the way I expect.

Basically I’d like something like how Arbitrary date works type “next monday” but have it dynamic… is it possible?

What I have currently is
current date/time +(days):7 +(days): Input Date Calcs value:converted to number
(Input Date Calcs) = current date/time:extract day -1
it seems it add’s (input date calcs) rather than subtracting it.

So current date/time + 7 days - the current day but it’s adding it not subtracting

Never mind… 1T - Day of Week Plugin | Bubble fix it - I think

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