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How many "public" apps can I create with the basic plan?

Dear bubble team,
I just stumbled upon bubble a few days ago and am really really amazed. It looks like the exact kind of solution I was looking for - being a non-technical co-founder that I am.

Now my question is, I was scanning through the pricing page and there was a distinction between “private” and “public app”.
When I get the basic plan, does that mean I can create only 1 app that can be publically used without being able to edited by my users?

Short version of my thread: When I get the basic plan of bubble, will I be able to run just one app publically without my users/customers being able to edit the page’s source??

There isn’t a “Basic Plan”, i take it you mean “Free Plan” or “Personal Plan”?

Free Plan - No Private only Public, unlimited Public each with 1000 workflows/month.
Personal Plan - 2x Private, unlimited Public. 10,000 workflows/month/app.

A public app has the source (i.e. the editor) visible. A Private app can only be seen publicly in Run mode, not dev mode.

A workflow only counts towards your plan limit if it contains data operatons. (data binding operations don’t count, they are free), navigation / display related workflows don’t count.

The $19/month Personal plan is TWO apps in Private, each with 10,000 workflow operations per month.

Hope this helps…

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Hey dave, thanks for your response. Yeah, I was referring to the “personal plan” as “basic plan”.
So to make sure I got that right - if I become a “basic plan” member, I am able to make 2 web apps that can only be edited by myself (meaning that I can make two web apps public without anybody being able to edit them)?

Also - There are no possibilities to export the code from bubble, right? Like creating the app and then downloading all the PHP files and uploading them to my own server?

Yes that is correct. 2 apps each with 10,000 workflows per month.

No you cannot export the code, it is a platform as a service. everything is hosted in the bubble eco-system, there is no code as such.