Clarifications on how many access for users / Personal Plan


Taking that I would go for the Personal Plan…working by myself.

Question ;
Can my App allows an indefinite number of final users to use their private account, so that they can have their own profile and enter some data for their use and to feed a share Database ?

In other word, will I be able to create many final users account ? or just one ?..mine :slight_smile:

Would New users have a way to create their own account from the login page "Sign In" feature...

or would I have to create their account name/PW prior to allow them access in. ?

Sorry, couldnt get a clear view about that matter so far. !!!
The Builder looks pretty interesting


So yes, the personal plan works on a per app basis, so you can assign that app to a domain name e.g. So within that app only you can access the editor and make functionality, logic, workflow, design changes to that app with your account on Bubble.

Now as for the app itself, as you’ve put it you can have a infinite number of users who can create their own account and data on your app via a signup type page with an email and password plus any extra data fields you want to build in. You’ll see in the Editor in the Data Types, there is a Data Type that always exists called User.

In Bubble creating users manually isn’t quite possible due to the restriction of the password field as this is self contained off the Data Types section of the editor.

If you want access for other members to access the editor, this requires a higher tier paid plan, but as you’ve mentioned its just you, so the personal plan will be a good starting place. You can always upgrade if you require more capacity in terms of site performance.

Hope this helps clear things up.

p.s. Bubble is great, lots of possibilities.



Hi Luke,
Woow, sounds very good to me as for now… :slight_smile:
I ll be going for a real test next week for sure to see
how it can answer better my project needs.

I do have a need for some basic formulas.
Managing a monthly/yearly Item inventory, I d need to build
some inventory (Table kind) reporting, Qties of items
entered (+), Qty of item removed (-) and Qty in stock (=)
…though I cant find any doc/Tuto/Help page upon this
Can Bubble deal with Calculated columns, Lines or fields ?
If so where can I see some basic workflow docs
about how it can be set ?

thanks for the Quick reply ! :slight_smile:
Terii boy