How many scheduled API workflows can you run simultaneously?

I’ve set up an API workflow that keeps triggering itself when there’s still data to be processed.

I placed this trigger as step 1, so everything happens simultaneously. I just tested this with 20 scheduled API workflows and everything runs very smoothly.

Is this also the case when there are 200 scheduled workflows? Or does Bubble only let you have a max amount of scheduled workflows? I’m currently on the Personal plan.


Capacity is the word. 200 with no problem if workflows are less than 1 sec execution. It’s hard to define. I got 7 min yesterday reaching capacity with one user (test mode) with almost nothing. Bubble is coming with incremental capacity that will fix the problem eventually.

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Thanks @JohnMark - It’s definitely not black and white.

The workflow itself isn’t heavy or anything, it just calls an API endpoint which takes 4/5 seconds. So I believe it should be fine. Looking forward to that incremental capacity.

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