How many scheduled recurring workflows are allowed?

Hey everyone! Quick question. I added a recurring workflow to my backend workflow and I was notified that my plan includes up to 5 scheduled recurring workflows per thing. Does this mean I can have up to 5 recurring workflow events per thing in my backend workflow? Or does this mean that if I for example have 1 recurring event in my workflow, that workflow can only be scheduled up to 5 times?

My use case for this is I have my app connected to Stripe for subscription billing, but one of my subscription plans also has a dynamic charge that will occur each month for each user. So after they create their subscription, my recurring workflow kicks in and it will be scheduled for each use that has an active subscription. So this single recurring workflow will have hundreds of scheduled events at some point, so I just want to make sure this is possible!


A “thing” in this context is not a singular instance of a datatype (an instance of a “Thing”), but a Thing (a custom datatype) itself. So, more the former, not the latter.