Understanding 5 Recurring Events Per Thing Limitation

I have the professional plan which allows recurring events. I’m wondering if anyone can clarify this message in the “schedule recurring event” window.

I want to allow each user to have a daily recurring event, does this mean I can have UP TO 5 users doing this only out of the whole database?

Or does this mean 5 recurring actions on that ONE user?

Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 9.07.28 PM

It’s per Thing (datatype). You can do recurring events on all the things in a datatype for up to 5 datatypes. E.g., daily User event workflow, daily Company workflow, daily Sinatra workflow, daily Calendar workflow, etc.

I’m still a bit confused. I have a datatype called “Missed notification” and a recurring workflow which has a schedule time that is unique to each user. When users set up there account they select the time they want to receive the missed notification. Then the time they select sets the recurring workflow for that user. Will that recurring workflow run for 1000+ users?

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