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How many workflows are in a plugin?

Since Bubble charges based on workflows, it would be nice to know more about plugins we install. How many workflows are created? Does a plugin modify our user tables? Is this something we could see in the logs? Could it be included in the plugin description?

A workflow run is when a user does something that triggers a workflow. Not much to do with plugins.

That explains it a bit. My confusion stems from having not created plugin yet. I’ll look into it more. Is there a tutorial/explanation?

Currently creating plugins is exactly like using the API connector. Unfortunately no doc yet, but plenty of people have managed to do it here.

OK, now it’s becoming clear. Plugin performance doesn’t affect price. Phew.

Here we have 2 examples of a uber plugin. The first is by Airdev (@gaurav). It only allows me to put in specific information, like api keys.

This is the one I’m working on. It builds on what Airdev created.

Is there something I would have to change in my Api connector to make it available to others? What if I wanted others using my plugin to be able to add more info, such as scopes?

You have to create a plugin.

I recommend reading this

OK, I read it again. Things are making more sense. Just one more question. How would I create a plugin that adds a visual element in the toolbar?

If you try creating a plugin you’ll see it’s not live yet.

I sent a request. My timing seems pretty good. This is EXCITING!

Looking at the plugin editor, there is an “actions” tab. How are these different than workflows?

Bubble doesn’t charge per workflow, but per workflow RUN. Let us know if the explanation at isn’t clear.

This has absolutely nothing to do with plugins having some actions in them.

OK, thanks.

The same icon is used for actions and workflows. It’s confusing.