How many WUs per user (on average) does your app use?

Hi. I’m wondering how many WUs other people’s apps are using per user per month.

Of course, I realize this will vary widely based on the type of app, how it’s built, etc.

But I’m just trying to get a sense of what is considered okay. The reason for my question is that my app seems to use excessive WUs. I know I need to address this and I’m not 100% sure how to yet. If I release my app as it is now, I could never make any money with it.

In development mode, I’m using about 20K WU per month. Just for me. Of course I realize also that development mode is different from actual users, but I’m also not working on in daily. I will release to a small group to see how it goes, but if people actually use my app, I think the WUs will end up bankrupting me instead of bringing a profit. :frowning:

I appreciate any input. Thanks!

The best way to test it would be to wait until a new day.

Then on that new day use the app like a normal user would. Then view the WU for that day.

Then multiply that number out as “one user”.

Right now you testing is not as accurate because you are probably a Super user. (you probably use the app more than the average person would.)

Dig into what the WU are used on.

I don’t have an answer for you because it changes every app.


Unfortunately, nobody has an answer for threads like this one, but it sounds like Ken knows that already.

The problem is that there is literally no answer to what is considered okay when it comes to WU usage… there is only how much WU does your app use, and why does it use that much. If you share details about your app, Ken, the community might be able to help you understand your usage (if that’s what you are struggling with), but unfortunately, vague threads like this one (and believe me, I have read them all) never go anywhere because they just can’t.

I mean, I could drop a link to my reply in a thread the other day where I mention that for my only paid app these days, I pocket 10x the amount I pay to Bubble because of WU, but that doesn’t help you at all. So, WU certainly isn’t bankrupting me, but it could easily bankrupt you (or anyone else), and that has nothing to do with WU and everything to do with how your app is built and what your users do with it.

For what it’s worth, I did exactly what jobs suggested when I was trying to understand what my costs were going to be. I went through a normal flow with one user to understand the WU usage, I extrapolated out from there, and it worked well. So, maybe give that a shot, and again, if you can share some details about your app, maybe the community can help you dial it all in a bit, too (if that’s what you want).

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He’s literally just asking for examples. Can no one name their average WU consumption per user? Regardless of what your app does.

my average is 2000 wu per day per sub, Occupancy is on average 60% is in a five day period they login 3 of those days (about 60 mins on average). The app burns up WU when they are not logged in as they share content created. its pretty well optimised (in my view) compared to when i started


Of course we can, but the point (which I am sure is clear) is that it doesn’t help him at all, so I tried to be helpful in a different way by telling him at least one person isn’t being bankrupted by WU.