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How mobile apps should display cookie policies?

Website in the EU have banners which require the user to click ‘accept’ to expressly agree to their cookie policy, these banner are typically on all pages so the user sees them on first visit.

I am creating a mobile app (designed in Bubble and will later convert to app) and I’m wondering where to put the cookie banner.

I have downloaded several mobile apps and never been asked to accept anything. Also, a user has to download the app prior to reaching the home page so I guess they’ll have to read the cookie policy prior to download.

Just wondered if anyone could suggest how mobile apps typically display cookie policies?

Hi there @darren.james7518,

There’s a Bubble built plugin for this. I believe it’s called Cookies Consent or something like that…

I think that plugin created the banner but that it something I can do myself, the question is more to do with when we should display the banner in a mobile app. Maybe I should not have a banner in the mobile app and just have a check box during signup to ensure user has agreed to terms and cookie policy. I wasn’t sure if we MUST have a banner by law?