Cookie confusion

Among other “policy docs” I have a Cookie Policy on my App.

I’ve noticed when it’s live though there’s a button at the bottom of the screen with a note along the lines of “This site uses cookies” that seems to be a generic Bubble message.

Will this suffice for dealing with cookies? I haven’t actually created anything that puts cookies on someone’s device/machine so I guess if that message refers simply to Essential Cookies, I’m good to go.

That said, I do have a popup asking people to Accept or Reject cookies that loads when a User’s “UserAcceptedCookies” field = “no”. FWIW It looks like this…

Screenshot 2024-02-14 162753

If they accept them that field is updated to “Yes”. Thing is, that pops up every time someone lands on my Index page when using the app as a guest and it gets really annoying.
Screenshot 2024-02-14 162658
(There’s also a WF to close the Popup)

Can I bin my Cookie Popup and just rely on the message at the bottom of the app or can someone suggest some better logic to prevent my PopUp from popping up all the time?

The right way to do this is to store a cookie when the user (or guest) clicks Accept button.

On the main page load, your application will try to check this cookie you stored.

  1. If it can’t find this cookie, it means the user didn’t press accept before. You should show popup and prevent any further action on the website.
  2. If it can find the cookie, you won’t show a popup and continue as usual.

This should work regardless of the user logged in or just guest and it doesn’t require a new field in your user. Of course, you are free to store it in your User data type as a backup in any case. But using this field is not necessary.

If the user logs in from another machine (meaning that your app won’t find a cookie even if the user accepted it), he has to accept again, which is fine.

Of course for this solution to work. You have to use a cookie plugin. I have used this one and it works good: Local Storage & Cookies Plugin | Bubble

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Many thanks for this explanation. I’ve just read it and I’m going through it to apply it. I really appreciate the time you took to explain this for me.

I’m a bit swamped today but I’ll let you know when this is successful which I’m sure it will be having given it a cursory read.

Thanks again