How One Startup Launched and Sold in One Week - Bubble

When the coronavirus crisis first hit, it staggered the global economy and healthcare systems. Local businesses suffered from mandatory shutdowns and economic upheaval. Everyone needed some kind of help. And people and governments needed to move fast to respond quickly to the crisis.

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This is super cool.

Congrats to Brent and, of course, Bubble.

Great story.

Checked out the site and very slick but it’s built on WP using divi.

Checked to see if any app element was present with bubble but I can’t see one.

Guessing this was just rebuilt using WP to handle the scale?


Firstly congrats.

Can you comment on why it was rebuilt would be good to understand if it was a scale issue. It’s the question we get asked all the time - can my Startup scale if I use No-Code, so any examples of where it got to before it had to be re-built would be really useful.