How should I store multiple emails, and their type, in my contacts db?

In this scenario a user can create a contact with multiple email addresses - so I want to store the type of email too.

e.g. - Personal - Business - Other

I’d usually default to creating a new object for this kind of thing, but is there a better way?

Could I use a list of texts? Feels like it would be hard to edit those?

Data type Contact
Emails (List of Emails)

Data type Email
address (text)
Email Type (option set Email Type which contains Personal/Business/Other. If the user should be able to customise this field then make it a text instead)

You’re suggesting adding an Email object?

Sure. If an email has an attribute (i.e a type) then one text can’t store it.

What’s the harm in creating a new object?

Using two lists of texts (list of emails and list of types) is just janky. Similarly, using a list of texts that’s something like, etc is equally janky.

@psten00 just to save you time, I’d say there a 90%+ chance that you are going to want a primary field for which Email address is the contact’s primary email.

And yes also create an object for phone numbers similar to emails

Best to handle the primary as the first item in the list or with an attribute on the Email object?

This. Definitely this. Consider the effort in updating the primary item (extract item from list / change order :anguished:)

Appreciate the insights & tips!