How to access an Reusable element's State from parent page

Hi, I’m trying to make a kebab button in my Repeating Group. Like this:

Since I need the menu to be a Group Focus. So the only way I found to do it is to make the kebab button to be a Reusable Element. And it’s working perfectly with the Delete function.

But when I want to Edit an element in Repeating Group, I need to send ID of the post I want to edit back to the Parent page ( the page has the Repeating Group). So I find out that we can send it through the state of the Kebab button (the Reusable Element). But seem like I can’t access that state from the Parent page.

Is there any way to do this? Thank you so much.

Hello there,

What is the difference between delete option and edit? After all you are deleting or editing that cell, why do you need another custom state?

hi, about the Delete, I can delete the post at the Reusable element(RE). I got the post ID (by “parent group” system).
But when I Edit, I can’t save and edit the post at the RE, I need to send the post ID from RE back to the Main page. Is there any way to do that?

If you are editing with pop-up, you can easily handle this by putting that pop-up in RE.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can pass the ID as a URL parameter to the page, so you can pull that information from the URL.


Waooo that’s brilliant. Thank you so muchh

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