How to access Bubble's server internal IP address? (SQL Connector)

I’m building an internal app, and in order to access the company’s database I need the IP to be whitelisted, but it doesn’t work on my personal computer IP because I’m trying to access it through the SQL Connector plugin, which mean it’s accesses through Bubble’s IP (my assumption)

How can I access Bubble’s IP so I could whitelist it?


Only on a dedicated instance, any other option relies on indeterminate IP addresses via amazon availability for hosted region.

This is the error I’m getting

Try giving it public access from network security.

Would this not be a security problem?

Yes it would be but depends on your use case & data you are serving up. You might be comfortable with just securing it using AD or username / password. It seems like you will need to do a lot more digging / learning to fully understand what involved here. The only sensible alternative is to get a dedicated instance with a private IP, then lock access to that IP.

What we did was to create multiple database end points and simply use the public one as a dumping ground before processing and passing to another database and deleting the contents. Here powerautomate is your friend.

It’s a big company and it’s relating to their main database so it needs to be secure.

How do you get a dedicated instance?

Email Bubble and talk to their sales department. Yes deifnitely if you need to secure something important for a big company you should absolutely use a dedicated envrionment from Bubble as they can give you a dedicated IP which is the most secure way to connect to an external server.

Also, as an aside you might take a look at our pro connector along side of the Bubble connector as it has some nice offerings when using an external SQL database. SQL Database Connector Pro Plugin | Bubble