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Correct Bubble IP addresses to use for connecting from remote database auth

Hi, I am using the SQL Database Connector plugin for connecting to a remote PostgreSQL server. Since I’m only allowing access from certain ip’s I figure I do a reverse DNS lookup on my app’s URL to find the two following IP’s for Bubble:

$ host has address has address

The only problem is that those URLs;'s don’t seem to be working. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just using the incorrect IP addresses (or not all of them)?

Maybe @peterj will have a thought on this

Bubble runs on dynamic IPs so it can be a variation of many different IPs, the only way to do IP auth is on a dedicated plan unless someone has found a work around.


Bubble say that they don’t know the IP addresses, but we know the AWS server it runs on, and Amazon will tell you the range.

Bear in mind that the URL is almost certainly not pointing at the actual backend server, which will be the thing doing the work. You could run something in a test workflow to output that to a log.

In the past people have set up intermediate fixed IP routing services, and called that.

if you want ip whitelist to connect mysql, postgresql, I provide a special server to get ip bubble and work dynamically. I’ve tried it using digitalocean and it works as expected.

I have a dedicated plan.
Do you know how to collect or have a fix ip adress for connecting a remote database, managed on Digital Ocean?

Your IP on dedicated plan will be exposed in (any) of your app’s settings tab, under the Domain/Email subtab. Plug that IP into DigitalOcean’s whitelisted IP’s.