How to access local storage data?

Is there a way to save data to local storage and then retrieve it and manipulate it?
I am trying to solve this issue in the topic below:

Have you looked at the Zerocode Browser Storage plugin with encrypted data?

I’ve immediately picked up this plugin to test because it’s free to test

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Thank God you did it immediately @vovahumnytskiy. I was worried you would wait after @JohnMark suggestion. :laughing:

Guys, @JohnMark, @josh10 sorry for confusing you in my previous message.
I thought that I and @JohnMark are in this thread:

So, I answered respectively.
Thank you for your attention.
Have a nice day.
Wish you a Merry Christmas.

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All good man! Glad you figured it out.

@JohnMark, have you used the Zerocode Browser Storage plugin? What was your use case, is it secure? I know, that even encryption does not help.

Hello @vovahumnytskiy,

I have been using the plugin for years. What is your desired goal? You can encrypt your data before using the storage. We should not put in crucial data that can be compromised without a good form of encryption in my opinion.

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I think I can’t avoid putting crucial data inside LocalStorage, because I need to use API keys and save them on the client-side, not the server-side.

But I have another problem that bothers me. I use that free plugin. Can you help me with the issue, you’ve used Zeroqode’s plugin, it seems they are similar

This workflow does not work, when I login the second time. I mean, technically it works, but WebStorage’s(LocalStorage’s) data remains from the first user.

I did not use the free plugin. There may be a bug. Try again with the ZeroQode plugin. If you get the same result, the problem is elsewhere.

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